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Membership is open to all. The Club is committed to introducing children to the game and helping them develop their abilities and Family Membership is therefore encouraged. However, the Club is at present closed to new members, other than Garden members.  A waiting list has been created and prospective new members may apply for addition to the list by following one of the procedures set out in the Joining section below.  Applicants will be offered membership as space becomes available strictly in order of the date of their application.   Admission to the waiting list is free of charge and without obligation.


Categories of membership


Family Membership: full playing membership for up to two adults and any children under the age of 24.


Adult Membership: full playing membership.


Garden Membership: Unlimited access to the gardens for all members of the household, but without the right to use the courts.




Membership subscriptions


Ordinary membership:          Annual subscription


            Family                                    £75

            Adult                                      £50

            Garden                                  £25


There is no entry fee.


There is presently no separate junior membership category as we are keen to encourage the involvement of families in the Club. However we do not wish this to be a barrier to older children participating in the Club and will consider applications for junior membership in special cases. 




If you would like to apply to go on the waiting list or apply for Garden membership, you can do so either online - please click on 'Apply Online' below - or by completing our application form and and returning this to us .  You can download an application form by clicking on the link below.  Alternatively, please send us an e-mail at








Application form

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