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British Tennis Membership


Before beginning your application for membership, we recommend that you join British Tennis, by clicking the link below. 


British Tennis is the public face of the LTA. Membership is free for 'Lite Members'.  Once you have joined you will be able to use your British Tennis details to initiate your application to join the Club. This will also in future be the best way to sign in to our booking system.  In addition, British Tennis membership qualifies you for future Wimbledon ticket ballots!  







Warriston Community Tennis Membership


To begin your online application, please click on the following link:







Once you have selected your membership category, simply click on the LTA box on the next page and use your British Tennis details to sign in to our membership system. Alternatively, if you have not joined British Tennis, but have a Facebook, Google or Microsoft account, you may use these details to sign in - simply click on the relevant box. If you do not have an account with any of these, you will need to register with ClubSpark*, the company hosting our membership and booking systems. Follow the instructions under 'Create a ClubSpark account. 


* ClubSpark is part of the SportLabs Technology group and has been appointed by the LTA to provide support services to small tennis clubs.'


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