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Clicking the button below will take you to our booking system where you will be able to book a court up to eight days ahead. Only registered and logged in members are able to make bookings. If you have not yet received an invitation to register, please contact the Club.


Please note:

  • The courts may be booked in half hour intervals up to eight days in advance.

  • Bookings are restricted to one per day per member or family

  • The names of everyone playing must be entered at the time of booking; this includes the names of guests.

  • The normal maximum booking time for the main court is 90 minutes. However, members playing doubles may book for two hours. Play may continue after these times, but only if no-one is waiting to play. For the mini court, the suggested maximum booking time is half an hour.

  • If the court has been booked for two hours (i.e. for doubles), the names of all four players must be entered.

  • If you are not going to be able to use a court you have booked, the booking should be cancelled without delay and if possible no less than 24 hours before the booking was due to start to give other members a chance to use the court

  • Any booking that has not been taken up within ten minutes of its start time will be null and void. The booking may then be cancelled and the court may be booked and/or used by others for the remaining time of the booking.

See also the Club rules page.

The booking system is hosted by ClubSpark in association with the LTA. 



How to book a court:


1. Sign-in


Select your chosen sign-in method, e.g. LTA, Facebook, Google.

2. Book a court


Select when you would like to play, and which court you would like to play on.  


Courts may be booked in half hour intervals.  The maximum booking time for the main court is one hour for singles and one and a half hours for doubles.  For the mini court, the maximum booking time is half an hour.

3. Confirm court booking


Confirm your booking by selecting 'Book now'.

4. Booking complete


That's it - you can now play on that date and time.

5. Cancel a court 


Select 'View my Bookings'

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